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4-month-old female mountain tapir
“Esperanza” 4-month-old female mountain tapir eyes me with left eye beaming. She is squatting but has front legs extended and is facing me cheerfully from this bright green meadow. All photos © Craig C. Downer


High Andean Weaver of Harmony Shows Us The Way

Mountain Tapirs in Ecuador

The Mountain Tapir, Endangered “KEYSTONE” Species Of The High Andes

Building Of The Guamote-Macas Road, Ecuador

Alert For NW Peru’s Andean Forests And Paramos: Mining Threatens To Destroy Globally Important Center For Endemic And Endangered Species

The Mountain Tapir

In Search of the Mountain Tapir

Peruvian Conservationists Suffers Assassination Attempt

Mining Peru’s Andean Forests Puts Unique Species, Ecosystem At Risk

Wonder Streams Of The Soul: REVISED & EXPANDED, VOLUME 1 by Craig Carpenter Downer, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

Andean Tapir Fund – GuideStar Profile

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For further information and photographs etc. about the endangered Mountain Tapir and its Andean habitat as well as conservation efforts by Ecologist Craig C. Downer and, for some publications, by other co-authors, all peer reviewed, please click here. You can select Craig’s name from the list of articles and/or google search for the Mountain, or Andean Tapir, or Tapir Andino in Spanish, Bergtapir in German, Tapir de Andes in French.

Please read this fascinating and revealing article with clips & photos about the endangered Mountain, or Andean, Tapir. It is based on several years of intensive investigations of the habits and survival requirements of this beleaguered species that is so important to the life of the Andean cloud forests and paramos in the northern Andes of South America. Andean Tapir Fund’s president Craig C. Downer had a major hand in the initial creation of the Tabaconas-Namballe nature reserve of northern Peru where this study took place; and his published works and advice helped guide this study.  It is wonderful that the true nature and vital contributions of this ancient, seldom-seen species are finally coming to the light of public attention! Long may the Mountain Tapir live and may he/she go on to be restored throughout his/her evolutionary stomping grounds. They are true gardeners of the mid to high northern Andes that deserve to be restored but it’s going to take all of us to make this difference!

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Puruhaes Native American young mother
Puruhaes Native American young mother holds her baby sitting atop a handsome white burro. All three are clad with colorful hats & woolen garments typical of their tribe. Alao Valley, west side of Sangay N.P., Eastern Andes, Ecuador. Photo © Mario Maza

Projects & Proposals:

Proposal For Culmination Of Mountain Tapir, Andean Forest And Paramo Protection Project In Northern Peru

Film: “The Mustang Man, Craig C Downer, Exonerating Wild Horses and Burros, Fighting to Keep them Free” as introduced by Horsetalk-NZ and published on Dec. 9, 2019 (NZ time)


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IUCN SSC Tapir Specialist Group  at and for tapir conservation projects at

Mountain Tapir Conservation at

World Tapir Conservation at

Global Wildlife Organization

Click below to see a film that is in Spanish that is about saving the Andean forests and paramos in Peru.


Left hand & index finger points to a tiny green plant just germinating from mountain tapir dung. High in Sangay N.P.