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The Wild Horse Conspiracy
by Craig c. Downer

Back cover write-up for The Wild Horse Conspiracy by Craig C. Downer (revised 07/25/2011 by author)

This stirring, color-photo-illustrated book reveals the full justification for as well as machinations against America’s magnificent wild horses and burros.  Told by a wildlife ecologist who grew up observing wild horses in Nevada, the story begins by presenting new evidence concerning the history and evolution of horses in North America then goes on to reveal the many positive contributions wild horses and burros make to soils, plants, animals and people.  These animals are portrayed as true healers and restorers of this continent’s ecosystem, and it is explained how they are being unfairly targeted for discrediting and elimination.  They are a unique type of herbivore with a vacant niche that complements the other species.  They have borne so many of our burdens, and it is unfair that they should be blamed for what we humans have done to the living Earth.  As always, they stand ready to help us do the hard work that is now so desperately needed to restore the life of our shared home planet.  The Wild Horse Conspiracy vividly describes many of the author’s personal experiences with these animals, their diverse herd areas, and the multicolored people involved with them.  Urgently required now at the 40th anniversary of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is a strategy to reverse the negative schemes that are leading to their demise in the wild, their management for extinction.  As presented in the book, Reserve Design provides a way for establishing self-stabilizing populations through intelligent and caring programs executed with enthusiasm.  This book does justice to the true magnificence of wild horses and burros and justifies their natural life of liberty.  The lesson these free-living animals convey for humanity concerns how to share freedom and the land with such paragons of nature, such icons of universal appeal.  Soaring beyond mundane pettiness and with an inspired future vision for all of life, the elevated perspective and sheer spirit of this book will prove key to accomplishing its critical goal.  It sets the ball rolling toward providing wild horses and burros with adequate room in the natural world to insure their long-term viability, for each unique herd and for all herds taken together, and shows people how to accomplish this while at the same time enhancing their own lives.  To this end the book describes the social changes and strategies that will be required of we two-legged ones and inculcates an appreciation of the unique adaptations of each herd to its own special ecosystem and the necessity of bringing to a halt the ill-motivated and massive roundups that are decimating these great exemplars of life on Earth.  In the wild the vigor of any species or race is preserved.  And the entire horse family – as the Earth itself -- needs America’s wild horses and burros to continue at vital levels into the future both here in North America, its evolutionary cradle, and worldwide.

The author has successfully defended wild horses and burros against prejudiced attacks for over 40 years and has visited many of the colorful herds throughout the West.  He has also studied and conserved the endangered mountain tapir of the Andes and is founder and president of the Andean Tapir Fund, which is also dedicated to saving wild horses and burros (  A member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and on the board of The Cloud Foundation, he enjoys nature photography and musical composition.  He lives in western Nevada and is the proud owner of Lightning, a palomino mustang stallion unjustly taken from Nevada’s Calico Mountains in 2010 and his stunning curly mare Princess Diane.

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